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Classic Kyrgyzstan

Journey through the mountainous land of Kyrgyzstan and experience its unique nomadic culture. From the capital city, Bishkek explore the gorgeous landscapes of Song-Kul Lake and Chon-Lemin valley. Meet the shepherds in the majestic Son Kul Lake, stay in a traditional Yurt. Spend your time walking along the lakeshore, participate in milking goats, watch the galloping horses and perhaps a Buzkashi match, meet the legendary eagle hunters. Enjoy the rhythms of slow life.

Our Journeys at a Glance


 Visit the ruins of Burana Minaret, a Jami mosque destroyed in the 13th century and a UNESCO heritage site.

Son Kul Lake

Meet the local nomadic families, learn about their cultural traditions.


Dip your feet in the Issyk-Kul Lake, the second largest saline lake in the world

Chon Kemin Valley

Explore the valley on a horseback through mountain trails and forests.

Our Accomodations

Classic Kyrgyzstan
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