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7 - desert fun - camels, sand dunes, cam

Journey through the Middle-East

Middle east is definitely more than beautiful deserts and endless souks, it is a land of ancient civilizations, full of cultural and natural wonders. This part of the world is also inhabited by one of the most hospitable people in the world. Visit the ancient city of Petra, a living piece of history and experience the stark beauty of the Wadi Rum in Jordan. Iran is the land of poets, gardens and stunning UNESCO heritage treasures. Known for its skyscrapers, desert safaris, great shopping and cosmopolitan city life, visit United Arab Emirates for an unforgettable holiday.

Known for Turquoise seas, high mountains, vast deserts and preserved fortress, Oman is truly remarkable. Whether you are here for a short stay or longer stay, Qatar has something for every travel style.The ancient civilization of Egypt is on the wish-list of most people.

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