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10 Incredible Places in India

Updated: Sep 11, 2021


India is a fascinating and beautiful country to explore. There are numerous places that offer incredible experiences and are not part of the regular tourist routes. These destinations traverse through different parts of India and offer many memorable experiences.

The beauty of India lies in its rich history and amazing diversity. The Taj Mahal is definitely the most visited monument in India and is on the bucket list of almost every traveler. There is more to India than its most famous tourist trails. India is home to many beautiful places offering cultural and immersive experiences that can be curated into bespoke journeys. We have rounded up 10 places in this wonderful country, that has a unique history and culture for an in-depth experience.


The Unesco world heritage site of Hampi is home to magnificent ruins of the Vijaynagar kingdom. The monolithic sculptures and monuments have astonishing workmanship and the backdrop is simply stunning. It is said that the vast archaeological site would have been one of the largest and richest cities of its time. It is an open-air museum that can be explored by walking or biking.


India’s most magnificent hilltop fort that houses many historic monuments including palaces, temples and water tanks, dominates over the city of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. It was described by Mughal emperor Babur as the “Pearl of India’s fortresses. The most famous musician in Emperor Akbar’s court, Tansen was also born here. Not to be missed is the Scindia museum in the ornate Jai Vilas palace that is famous for its crystal staircase and has two of the largest chandeliers in the world.


Hyderabad was ruled by the Qutub Shahi dynasty, the Mughal and the Nizams and everyone left their distinct imprint. Under the Nizams, the city became an important center of art, culture and education. A collection of spectacular mosques, minarets, tombs and palaces adorn the city of Hyderabad. The museums in Hyderabad not only have rare collections but are also housed in spectacular premises. To truly experience the grandeur of the bygone era stay at the Falaknuma Palace.


Kabini wildlife sanctuary was once the private hunting grounds for the Royal family of Mysore. Part of the Nagarhole National parkand nestled on the banks of Kabini river, the wildlife sanctuary is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. It abounds in elephants, sambar, spotted deer, wild boar, gaur and a few tigers and panthers and over 250 species of birds. It covers over 55 acres and includes dense forests, lakes, steep valleys and streams.

Majuli Island

Encircled by the waters of the Brahmaputra region, Majuli island in Assam is one of the most off-beat places in India. The island is known for the untouched and distinct tribal culture. It is also popular for bird watching. Birds that can be seen here include pelicans, storks, Siberian cranes and whistling teals. It is a glorious and tranquil locale that offers an immersive cultural experience.


The serene backwaters, enchanting beaches and traditions of Ayurveda is much known and written about. On your next visit to Kerala explore the lesser known but picturesque region of Wayanad. Surrounded by evergreen forests, rocky waterfalls, misty mountains and plantations galore, it is a fascinating place for nature-buffs and offers multiple exotic experiences. There are also prehistoric caves with stone carvings that are accessible after an uphill trek.


Sitting between the hills and the sea, Gokarna is an idyllic beach and temple town. Nestled in the lap of Western ghats, the lovely and serene paradise is a quieter and cleaner version of Goa. Om beach offers spectacular sunrise and sunset views, it is ideal for water sports and beach activities. The halfmoon and paradise beaches offer seclusion and privacy. Join a yoga course, meditate quietly, enjoy a nature trek, get an ayurvedic massage or simply laze at the beach.


Flanked by the majestic hills of Aravalli on one side, the rustic town of Bundi is characterized by a maze of narrow lanes, adorned with forts and Palaces that offer outstanding views. Picturesque lakes, untouched rural villages, bustling markets, blue-washed houses, ancient step-wells and more, Bundi makes a great addition to your travel plans in India.


Prepared to be enthralled as you descend into the Ziro valley after a scenic drive through the formidable mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, peppered with sprawling rice fields, pine forests and quaint villages of the Apatani tribe. The Apatani tribes are world renowned for their distinct civilization. They are recognized for their systematic land use practices and rich traditional ecological knowledge of natural resource management and conservation.


A city of Tehzeeb, Kebabs and Nawabs, Lucknow has some interesting Islamic and British Raj-era architecture, a history of literature and culture, and fascinating bazaars. The city also offers an unparalleled culinary experience. The Nawabs who ruled in the 18th and 19th centuries were great patrons of cuisine, music, literature and dance. The royal influence lingers in the cuisine which is extremely rich. Experience a world of exquisite tastes and endless delight, Lucknow beckons.


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