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5 Countries to explore for Culinary & Wine Tour

Updated: Sep 11, 2021


A cooking vacation takes you deep inside the epicurean scene, where you have the most authentic connection with the people and culture.

Whether you want to head to Naples for the best pizza ever, or learn all about spices in India, dine at the finest restaurants in France or live in a cattle ranch in Argentina; our trips offer many such delicious experiences. Savor the distinct flavors on our Culinary and Wine journeys and recreate the memory of your vacation in your kitchen. Here we list 5 countries to head to for a culinary vacation.

1. Italy

A visit to Italy is a delight for senses. An entire trip can be planned around its many vineyards. In Italy, food is serious business and no one region eats the same thing as the next. Wine, cheese and pasta are important parts of Italian meals. From exploring the choicest vineyards, to being on a prized truffle hunting trip, and learning to make pastas and pizzas using fresh organic produce, or brewing that perfect espresso; Italy has an array of delicious food experiences.

2. France

Head to France for some haute French food. Home to the best croissant, éclair, baguette, bouillon and crepe, France is certainly the mecca of food lovers. A bottle of wine, a baguette with wonderful French cheese and Voila, you can have a picnic! It’s that simple. Enjoy morning bakery visits, insider’s dining experiences, and trips to local farmers markets. Savor the taste of France.

3. Croatia

In Croatia, the diversity of cuisine is influenced by its cultural and geographical impressions. The coastal region has a Mediterranean and Italian influence while the interior region has a blend of Hungarian, Austrian and Turkish flavors. The food everywhere is fresh, and grilled to perfection. Cook, eat, drink and repeat when in Croatia.

4. India

Indian Cuisine is aromatic, flavorful, colorful and bold. Spices play a big role in traditional Indian kitchens. They can transform any dish into a tasty meal and give life to even the simplest ingredients. A culinary tour is a perfect way to experience the rich legacy of traditional food in India. There is an amazing variety not only in the types of food but also in the cooking methods.

5. Argentina

Did you know that there is a huge European influence in the cuisine of Argentina, particularly from Italy? It’s no surprise then that you can learn to bake fresh pizza and pasta here, albeit with a local twist. Enjoy meals at estancias or cattle ranches, especially an Asado or a barbecue. An Asado usually consists of beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, and morcilla which are cooked on a grill or open fire. The ranch life in the countryside is an amazing way to connect with the locals.


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