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View on Bruges. Bergen Norway.jpg

Enjoy the best Natural Wonders

The Polar region full of mountain, forests, glaciers, rivers, lakes and waterfalls makes for an excellent adventure as well as a cultural destination. The air is fresh, the water is pure and the people are warm. It is also the best destination for hiking, biking, skiing, bird-watching and catching the Northern lights. Whether it is summer or winter, there is something on offer for every season. A slow-moving train journey in to the Rocky Mountains, cultural experiences in Quebec City and plenty of outdoor activities ranging from easy to difficult, Canada is unique in every respect. Iceland medieval cities, stunning architecture and luxury glamping are reason enough to explore this magical land. Explore the historical treasures of Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia. For the most amazing fjords, glaciers and viewing Northern lights head to Greenland, Finland, and Norway

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