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A Taste of Silk Road

Discover the gems Central Asia in comfort aboard Golden Eagle luxury train. Learn about the gripping history, and admire the diverse landscapes and cultural beauty as you journey along the silk route on a 13-day adventure between Moscow and Almaty. The countries covered are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Russia.

Our Journeys at a Glance

Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Admire the eye-catching golden domes and kaleidoscopic color scheme of the Zenkov Cathedral.


Walking tour of the old town, where traditional and religious buildings line the narrow streets.


Enjoy drinks and reception in the beautiful Registan Square.


 Visit the Ark of Bukhara, a massive fortress occupied around the 5th century AD.

Merv (Turkmenistan)

Explore Merv, once an oasis and an important stopping point along the silk route.


 See the Darvaza burning gas crater light up the sky in the Kara kum desert.


Visit the memorial of one of the most important WWII battles in Volgograd

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Silk Road
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